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There are occasions when the property owner elects not to pursue a planning application or appeal, or development work, himself preferring, instead, to pass over responsibility to a prospective purchaser. This may occur when:

  • the owner’s resources are limited
  • the specialist involvement of a named developer is likely to enhance the prospects of obtaining a planning permission
  • the risk is too high.

In those circumstances we are experienced in negotiating arrangements whereby, in return for a right to purchase the property if successful, a developer or other prospective purchaser undertakes the necessary planning work at his initial risk.

Such arrangements include:

  • Conditional contracts, for example, subject to obtaining planning permission, approval of reserved matters or full planning permission for a particular layout or density of development.
  • Option agreements where, perhaps, there is a need to promote a site for development through an emerging development plan. This may be for a period of 5 or more years and, clearly, needs to be carefully negotiated to protect the interests of both parties.
  • Pre-emption agreement where, for example, in return for a right of first refusal, a prospective purchaser agrees to promote an area adjoining one which he already owns/controls.

We have considerable experience of negotiating such agreements on behalf of landowners and developers/prospective purchasers and, consequently, are well aware of the provisions required to facilitate a workable and, above all, fair agreement for both sides. We are also well versed in working together with client’s legal and other professional advisors in achieving such goals..

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