Schools Programme

We regularly run guided tours for school groups and youth organisations. Teachers and parents can choose from a variety of programmes running throughout the Museum, educating groups of up to twenty children about different periods of history. Visits can reflect elements of the National Curriculum, in subjects such as geography and history.

We have thousands of artefacts stretching from the turbulent wars of the 15th century right through to the present day, ranging from costumes to weapons, from household appliances to entire rooms. There is no shortage of history and drama to come alive. Even more can be found within our extensive collection of books, newspapers maps, prints, photographs and other such documents in our archives for the more advanced budding historians.

Children can enjoy quizzes while looking at the exhibits. We aim to make the visits informative and entertaining and all are FREE

Booking procedure

To book, call Mike Jordan, our resident tour guide and chairman, on 07712625822. Visits are generally arranged by appointment, with plenty of opportunity for groups to spend a morning exploring the museum.