"DRUIM"----------pronounce me----------"DRUM"

Facts are Cheils That Win'a Ding

Druim a One Name Study
on Drimmie/Drummie!

Druim The Historical Background

Early Scots
in the Howe of The Mearns

Earliest Known Holder of Surname

Earliest Known Drimy in Scotland

Family Distribution
in the North East Lowlands

Lands of Drimmie/Forest of Drimmie

Druim The Toponomy

Druim The Topography

Topographical Notes

Papal Pieces

Ockerer in Dundee

Alexander Drimmie 1777 - 1852

Barbary Pirates 1672

Alexander Drymmie 15?? - 1620!


Bloody Slaughter


Letter from Ireland 1864

Sir Ormond Drimmie Malcolm
of Nassau 1839

Druim The Genealogy

Charting The People

Base Chart The Starting Gate

Chart one Alan Drummie

Chart two Sheena Drummie
(Nee Robertson)

Chart Two John Drummie Mary Logie

Chart Three

Joseph Logie Drummie 1844 - 1913

Link Out Photos

The Canadian Drimmies

The Canadian Drummies
James Drummey/Drummie
Drimmie Creek Canada

Drimmie Head Australia

Drummie's Ridge Reserve Australia

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