Early Notes

Dub Druman
Annals of Ulster

Year 759
Dub Drumán, Abbot of Tuilén, dies.

Dub  could this possibly be a shortened version of
the Gaelic adjective dubailte
meaning double and
Druman being the Gaelic masculine noun for a back

Leads us to, the Humphty Backed Abbot of Tuilén,
known as "Dub Druman".
Tuilén is now called Dulane, near to the town of Kells, Co. Meath.

Since writing this snippet
I have come upon a further spelling of the abbot's name
Dubh Druman would equate to "Black Druman" or "Black Ridge"

The following names have appeared in various early texts.
Dubne, Duibne, Dubni so could be, Dub, is a shortened version.

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