John Drimmie
1807 - 1903
Scotland to Ireland to Canada

Descendents of John Drimmie 1807 - 1903
John Drimmie progenitor of the main Canadian branch
of the present day Drimmie family, was born at Cobble Hall,
which is a farm just outside the town of Montrose,
near to Hillside, on the Montrose Marykirk road.
His parents were Alexander Drimmie of St Cyrus and Mary Scott of Benholm.

Alexander is in the St Cyrus parish record 1789, as Alexander Drimmy
and at the birth of his daughter Anne 1791 is recorded as Drummy.
At this time they are living at Stone of Morphie St Cyrus.
In 1802 they had a daughter called Margaret and are now in Montrose.
The record shows a change in his wifes name from Mary to Margaret
at this time and also when John is born 1807 and Thomas 1805
it stays Margaret as it does at the birth of brother George in 1808.
However when we meet up with the family again
in the 1841 census of Laurencekirk
we find that she is again giving her name as Mary Scott.
At this time John is staying at Blackiemuir Laurencekirk
and it is fortunate that his parents are now living with him
as this allows us to find the missing link.
Also recorded are his children John Drimmie age 7,
Alexander Drimmie age 5, Daniel Drimmie age 3,
Photo of Mary Drimmie and her husband David Gourlay

Mary Drimmie age 14.
(Mary is seen here in this photo taken around 1894)

He also has two servants staying with him,
Isabel Fettes age 20 and Charles Fettes age 18.

In 1839 Johns wife Mary Wylie died, possibly at the birth of their son David,
who died a week after her.
The Fettercairn parish record has an entry for both events.
The record reads, "Mary Drummie (Wylie) died,
and David Drummie died age one week.

In the Laurencekirk parish record for 1850
we find an entry for George Drimmie
being born to John Drimmie and Elizabeth Jamie
and this birth tells us the name of his second wife.
It must have been soon after this event that he moved to Ireland.
In Piggots Directory for 1837 we find an entry for John Drummie
carrier to Aberdeen from Laurencekirk every Thursday.
By the 1851 census he is no longer at Blackiemuir
and a Robert Drummie is listed as carrier born St Cyrus,
he has a son David 8 and wife Helen age 53.
By 1852 Robert is also gone from Laurencekirk
and the railway which came through Laurencekirk 1849 enroute to Aberdeen
is providing the carriage service daily to Aberdeen from Laurencekirk.
From this I would surmise
that John saw the probable demise of his business in advance
and handed over to Robert who continued to trade till 1851.

It is significant that when you look for listings of carriers quarters
from about this date on, it is only the shorter haul carriers
who are in business over most of the country.
Robert might be John's brother
but I have found no trace of his birth,
he would have been born about 1798.

Why did John move to Ireland?
After the terrible famine of 1845/49 in Ireland,
many Irish estates were broken up and an act was passed
to facillitate the sale of land in Ireland 1848 and 1849.
About 300 purchasers came from England and Scotland at this time.

We know by the birth of George 1850
that John was still in Scotland then
and it is about this time that he moved to Ireland
ie. between the birth of George 1850 in Laurencekirk
and the birth of Robert in Ireland 1860.
The 1851 census gives us the proof
that he had gone from Laurencekirk by then as he does not appear in it.
Daniel was born 1839 and if he was ten years old
when he went to Ireland 1850 fits in nicely.

John Drimmie died on the 17th January 1903
at Ballinamona, Castledernot Athy, County Kildare. Ireland.
Looking at a map of Ireland, Co. Kildare is about 7 degrees
West of Greenwich and the district of Athy is on latitude 53 degrees North
this is in the bottom corner of Co.Kildare not far from Carlow in Co.Carlow,
it is to the South West of Dublin.

In 1875 his, son John born 1834 returned to Scotland
from Canada to visit his sister Mary in St Cyrus
and then his father and step mother and half brothers and sisters in Ireland.
He had gone out to Canada from Ireland arriving there on the 18th of July 1856
with his brother Daniel. They settled in Canada at a place called Yeovel
almost due west of Toronto approximatly mid-way
between Lake Ontario and Lake Huron, it no longer exsits.
According to William G. Drimmie the place was a going concern around 1900
with several Stores, two Ironmongers, 3 Sawmills, a Cheese Factory, Post Office,
Church, School and community hall but when William was at school
only the Church was used and the house with the Post Office.
Daniel was a public school teacher.
He taught at Flesherton, Solina, Holstein and Dromore
in the Province of Ontario his children were in farming and teaching.

While he was in Glasgow on June the twenty third 1875
John purchased a family bible it is due to this
that we have much of this information.

Photo of Daniel and Emily Drimmie

This photo is of Daniel Drimmie born 1839
in Laurencekirk Scotland
and his wife Emily Hincks born 1849
All photos in this section were sent to me by Ivan Drimmie

Photo of Drimmie Brothers and their Sister
Photo opposite is
the family of Daniel Drimmie born 1839 in Laurencekirk Scotland and Emily Hincks born 1849
Except for the lady in the pic, Ida Alice Drimmie
I am unable to put names to the male faces but the men are
or should be Daniel
George Robert
William John
and Charles Daniel
in no special order.
There were five brothers,
the fifth one being the eldest,
John Alexander who I assume is not in this pic.

Photo of Daniel Drimmie and Florance Wheeler
This Photo and the following one with violin,
is of Daniel Drimmie born 1876
with his wife Florance Wheeler
they had four children
Mabel A Drimmie
Inz M Drimmie
Ivan F Drimmie
and Charles K Drimmie

Photo of Daniel Drimmie and violin

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