James Drummie / Drummy / Drummey
Born about 1801 - Died 1870

Oral family history suggests that James came from Scotland and
sailed from Cork Ireland to St John NB Canada in 1848
with his wife Sarah and son James.

FURTHER RESEARCH Results as at 13th April 2007

Okay I've been digging through my data and taking a further look
at that great Scottish reserve of genealogical information "Scotlands People".
Oh! that the Irish records were as easy to get at.

Tom Drummie in New Brunswick at an exhibition of the immigrant ship Jeanie Johnston,
had seen a copy of a ships manifest in which James and Sarah were listed.
However subsequent attempts by Tom to find this passenger list came up against a stone wall.
I have over a long period trawled hundreds of ships lists to no avail with regard to James and Sarah.

The Provincial Archives of New Brunswick immigration records.

I had a look at this site and it came up trumps with a listing as under

Drummey, James Age 40
Drummey, Sarah Age 30
Drummey, Timothy Age 17
Drummey, Ellen Age 14
Drummey, James Age 7
Drummey Mary Age 5
All are recorded as being...... Religion RC...... From Tyrone
Vessel - Port - Landed - Date 1848 Location S.J. Kings Reference MC1852 MS1

As you can see the ship which they arrived on is not listed just the date.
With the immigration records pointing us to Tyrone, Ireland
we may have moved a little closer to Scotland in our search for James domicile.

James Drummey age 40 in 1848 immigration records making his birth year 1808.
He died in 1870 aged 64 taken from St Mary's Cemetery records.
Making his birth year 1806.

James' wife Sarah Duke was born about 1818...1828, she died in St John New Brunswick Canada in 1902.
At her death her given age was 74, making her birth year 1828
If the age she gave to immigration (30 in 1848) was correct then she would have been 84 at death.
Making her birth year 1818. James and Sarah had a son James who when he died in 1934 his given age was 93.
This would make his birth year 1841 which is confirmed by immigration records above.

Within this grouping of 1848 Drummey immigrants to New Brunswick
we have Timothy Drummey age 17 and Ellen Drummey age 14,
their ages would rule out Sarah Duke as their mother
if we take 1828 as Sarah's birth year.
We likewise run into the problem of Sarah's age at Timothy's birth
if we go with 1818 as Sarah's birth year.
It is more likely that James had an earlier wife to Sarah
and Timothy and Ellen are from this first marriage.
Or perhaps they are nephew and niece to James travelling with their uncle, seems feasible also.

Family history research is not often easy or simple
but always interesting and when you get a result
very satisfying.
So we definately have a bit of further digging to do
in order to draw this Canadian line of Drummies
fully into the fold.

James Drummie/Drimmie possibles in Scotland.

I have a missing James Drimmie/Drummie born 1801
at Bucharn Farm Strachan, Strachan was in the county of Kincardine.
I have no trace of this James Drimme after his birth at Bucharn,
the strange thing about James is that when his father died
at Bucharn his brother erected a stone in his father John's memory
and subsequently added his brother John's name.
Both his sister Mary and brother Alexander are also inscribed on this stone.
There is no mention of James at any time after his birth.
This Strachan family by the first quarter of the 1800's are using the Drummie spelling.

Within my own direct line when I get back to my four greats grandfather
James Drimmie born 1795, I find that he married Margaret Low in 1822
at Marykirk and they had one son John 1823.
I can find no record of James' death in British records and
in the 1841 Scottish census only their son John is at Luthermuir Marykirk.
Posing the question where are James and Margaret at this time and subsequently
for I can find no trace of them.

William Duke married Sarah Low at Edzell and had a daughter Sarah 1828 in Montrose.
According to research which was undertaken for a New Zealand Duke
Sarah Duke 1828 died in the 1830's, however I have not been able to personally confirm this.
I am intreagued by the fact that we are looking for James Drummie and Sarah Duke
and here we have a Drummie married to a Low and a Duke married to a Low
Montrose, Edzell and Marykirk are only a few miles apart
easy walking distance, were Margaret Low and Sarah Low sisters?
The mind runs riot.

This page will be updated as and when I am able to.
Research on this line has been reopened, we look forward to
posting positive results soon.

James Drummey or
Drummie chart

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