Testament Of

Jonet Jamie

JONET JAMIE xx Julij 1685
The testament dative and inventar of ye guids geir soumes of money and debts
pertenying to umquhile Jonet Jamie (...) spouse to James Drymmie
in Inshe within ye parochin of fettercairne and sheriffdome of Kincardin the tyme of hir deceis
Quha deceist in ye month of merche 1682 yeirs
faithfullie maid and gevin up be Wm. Jon and Elspet Drymeis
yr laull bairnes and executors dative decernit to yr said umquhile mother
be decreit of ye commissar of Edinburgh
As ye said decreit of ye dait at Edinburgh ye xxiij day of February 1664 yeirs at lenth proports
In the first the said umquhile Jonet Jamie and hir said spous
had ye guids geir sowmes of money and debts of ye availls and pryces
efter following pertenying to yame ye tym of hir deceis forsaid viz.
item sowin on the ground xxvj bolls aites to the thrid corne
extending to lxxviij bolls aites pryce of ye boll wt ye fodder liij sh. iiijd. Summa ijc viij lib.
Item mair vj bolls of beir sowin estimat to the feird corne extending to xxiiij bolls beir
pryce of ye boll wt ye fodder v merks summa lxxx lib
Item xij oxen pryce of ye pece overheid x lib. Summa jcxx lib.
Item vj ky pryce of ye pece overheid viij lib summa lxviij lib
Item iij stottes and quoyes of tua yeir aulds pryce v merks summa xx merks.
Item ane hors xx lib.
Item of xl sheip pryce ye pece overheid xx sh. summa xl lib
Item xij yowes pryce of ye pece overheid xxxiij sh.iiijd. Summa xx lib.
Item in utencills and domicills with ye abuilzements of hir bodie estimat to ye sowme of lxxx lib.
Summa of the Inventar vjcxxix lib vj sh viijd
To be devydit in thrie pairts deids pairt is ijcix lib xiiijd. vjd.
Qrof ye quot is componit for vij lib.
We Mr. Jon Arthur etc.
(ratification by commissary) Qrupone John Norrie notary in Brichen is becom caution etc.
as ane act maid yrupon beirs