In the month of August 1912 Joseph Drummie and his wife Anne Smith Taylor
celebrated their golden wedding and the newspaper report
which we are fortunate to have sheds a fair bit of light on the couples happy life.
I am pleased to be able to incorporate it here in it's entirety
followed by Joseph's subsequent obituary.

Mr and Mrs Joseph Drummie, Orchard View, Drumlithie, have; celebrated their golden wedding.
At the entertainment in the public hall, Rev.P.L.Gordon presided over a very large company.
A long and varied toast list was submitted.
The toast of the evening was proposed by the chairman and responded to by Mr Drummie junior.
During the proceedings the chairman in name of the family,
presented to Mr and Mrs Drummie a handsome purse of sovereigns.
The aged couple have also been the recipients of a large number
of handsome and valuable gifts from a wide circle of friends.

Mr Drummie was born at Luthermuir,in Marykirk,on March the 19th 1844,
while his worthy better half, whose maiden name is Ann Smith Taylor,
first saw "the licht o' day" around the Steeple,
having been born at Denhill on 2nd July,1840.

Mr Drummie remarked that education was at a "gey low ebb" in his young days,
for by the time he was nine years of age
he was started to the hand loom weaving.
Two years later saw him engaged in agricultural pursuits at Dalbog, Edzell, tenanted by Mr Christison,
the wage then being one pound per half year.
At the age of 17 he engaged to Mr Lyall at North Hill Haulkerton,
for seven pounds, "big pey in they days," he remarked.

The worthy couple were married at Luthermuir by Rev.T.C.McLure on August 27th 1862,
and of the marriage there was a family of eight,
six sons and two daughters, seven of whom survive.
They have twenty one grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
After their marriage they went to reside in Luthermuir, Mr Drummie having received an appointment
while the Government drains were being executed throughout the country.
Later he went to the railway and worked for a time at Marykirk,
from whence he came to Drumlithie section, which he worked for fifteen years,
being the tenant at the same time of Newbigging.
To follow out agricultural pursuits Mr Drummie gave up the railway
and took a lease of Upper Kinmonth, on the Drumlithie estate,
which he held for twenty one years, retiring from the holding at Martinmas, 1901.
Since his retirement he has lived at Orchard View, having lived under the same laird for forty seven years.
Mr and Mrs Drummie are both hale and hearty.


Popular Drumlithie citizen dead.

The grave closed over the remains of the late Mr Joseph Drummie, Orchard View,
on Friday afternoon, the funeral being the largest witnessed in the district for some considerable time.
Service was conducted at deceased residence by Rev.P.L.Gordon, parish minister.
As the cortage wended its way through the village the blinds of the houses
were drawn as a last tribute of respect to one so well known and highly respected
in their midst. Rev.J.Rose U.F.Church manse officiated at the grave side.

The pall-bearers were:
Mr Joseph Drummie, Din Cottage (son);
Mr William Drummie, Edinburgh (son);
Mr Robert Drummie, Edinburgh (son);
Mr Alexander Drummie, Sussex (son);
Mr James Coull,(grandson);
Mr John Inglis, Edinburgh (step-son);
Mr James Drummie, Brechin (brother);
Mr William Drummie, Brechin (brother);

At Glenbervie parish church on Sunday Rev.P.L.Gordon,
at the close of a beautiful discourse from Ist Corinthians XV.,55th verse
said, "I cannot conclude my remarks today without reference to one
so long a familiar figure amongst us,
and one who has passed away since we met here last.
A man of sterling uprightness and honesty of character,
he won the respect of all who knew him, and seldom when he was able
was he ever absent from his place in this church.
Today our deepest sympathy is extended to the bereaved widow and family
in this the hour of their sore bereavement."
"Oh death,where is thy sting?
Oh grave,where is thy victory? (Ist Cor.xv.,55.)

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