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Druim----------"Drum"---------- Related Place Names of Scotland

Dhruim:- is the name given to the deep wooded defile of the Beauly river only a few miles from Beauly.
                 An unlikly name for a wooded gorge, the area is heavily wooded and it may be that a
                 whale-back minor ridge would be evident therein, somewhere before the trees covered all.
Drumhendry:- Fettercairn Kincardine, corruption of the old name Drumry--Drum
                            a ridge and ruighe, extended high ground.
Druim:- a croft-house used as a museum (c.1974)in the village of Abriachan Loch Ness-side.
Drumashie:- in the parish of Dores Inverness-shire, the higher eastern end of the parish is known as
                   Drumashie Moor where the parish swells notably some 600 feet above the village.
Druimm a Chait:- The Ridge of The Cat, a lofty and abrupt ridge usually called Knock Farrel in the parish of
                          Fodderty, Easter Ross. Knock Farrel is a Pictish vitrified fort crowning this ridge,
                          there are many legends associated with this site, which is supposed to have been
                          a stronghold of the Fionn warriors. The two standing stones at the former church below
                          are claimed to have been hurled there by the hero Fionn MacCoul himself in a trial of strength.
Drummie Hill Caravan Park:- Tarland, by Aboyne
Drumbertnot:- farm in the parish of Lunan,(O/S g/r 68/53.)
Drumsagard:- former name for the parish of Cambuslang.
Drumchardine:- Inverness-shire.
Drumderfit Hill:- The Ridge of Tears, a long hog's back ridge, unwooded, dotted with cairns,
                         with the site of a former dun,or Pictish castle,on the Black Isle.
Drumguish:- former crofting community a mile north of Tromie Bridge Inverness-shire.
Drumin:- a castle in the parish of Inveravon, Banffshire, stands on a wooded hill.
Drimmie:- royal forest in parish of Blairgowrie and Rattaray c.1150.
Drumine:- royal forest Morayshire c.1150.

Drumduan:- Aboyne
Drumnagesk:- Aboyne
Drumgesk:- Aboyne
Drumnafunner:- Alford
Drumlnnor:- Auchindoir
Drum:- Auchindoir
Drumsinnie:- Auchterless
Drumhead:- Belhelvie
Drumside:- Belhelvie
Drumhead:- Birse
Drumneachie:- Birse
Drumdelgie:- Cairnie
Drumhead:- Cairnie
Drumfold:- Cairnie
Drumdurno:- Chapel of Garioch
Drumore:- Chapel of Garioch
Drumnahoy:- Cluny
Drumblade:- Drumblade
Drum:- Drumoak
Drumwhindle:- Ellon
Drumblair:- Forgue
Drums:- Foveran
Drumfergue:- Gartly
Drumbulg:- Gartly
Drumduan:- Glass
Drumnagarrow:- Glenbuchat
Drumrossie:- Insch
Drimmies:- Inverurie
Drumgoudrum:- Kildrummy
Drumnahive:- Kildrummy
Drumstone:- Kinellar
Drumnaheath:- Kintore
Drumfours:- Leochel Cushnie
Drumdaig:- Leochel Cushnie
Drumfottie:- Leochel Cushnie
Drumgowan:- Leslie
Drum:- New Deer
Drumligair:- Newmachar
Drum:- Peterculter
Drumfold:- Rayne
Drumanettie:- Strathdon
Drumallan:- Strathdon
Drumallachie:- Towie
Drumbarton:- Tullynessle & Forbes
Druim-a-Lea:- The Conflict of, at Creich Sutherland.
In the 1700's known as Drumilea before Creich. Today can be found there as as Drummie
Druim-nacoub:- two miles from Tongue

The following listing was contributed by Anne Burgess

Drumnadrochit:- Druim na Drochaid, the ridge of the bridge, lying to the west of Loch Ness
                        at the mouth of Glen Urquhart is a sizeable village in Inverness-shire.
Drummuir:- near Keith
Drumlithie:- near Stonehaven
Drumdollo:- Forgue, Aberdeenshire
Drumoak:- near Banchory
Drumblade:- near Huntly
Drumbuie:- near Kyle of Lochalsh
Drumelzier:- near Broughton
Drumtochty:- near Fordoun
Drummond:- near Crieff
Drymen:- near Loch Lomond
Drumochter:- not really near anywhere
Drumbeg:- near Lochinver
Drumchapel Glasgow
Drumlanrig:- near Thornhill, Dumfries-shire
Loch Droma:- Ross-shire

Druim Related Place Names of Ireland

Drummie:- Townland: Clones Monaghan Ireland
Drim:- a ridge
Drimeen:- Drimmeen little ridge
Drirnna:- Drimnagh ridges a place full of ridges or hills
Drom:- Druim a ridge or long hill
Dromada:- Dromadda long drum or ridge
Drombeg:- Drumbeg small ridge
Dromcolliher:- in Limerick the ridge of the hazel wood a corruption of Druim-Coll-choille [Drum-Collohill]
Dromdaleague:- in Cork the ridge of the two liags or pillar stones
Dromgarriff:- rough ridge
Dromin:- same meaning as Drom
Dromineer:- in Tipperary Druim-inbhir [Druminver] the ridge of the inver or river mouth
                  is situated near where the Nenagh river enters Lough Derg.
Dromkeen:- beautiful ridge
Dromore:- great ridge or long hill
Dromtrasna:- cross ridge
Drum:- Druim a ridge or long hill
Drumad:- Druim-fhada long ridge
Dromadoon:- the ridge of the dun or fort
Drumahaire:- Druim-da-ethiar [Drum-a-ehir] in Leitrim the ridge of the two air-demons
Drumanure:- the ridge of the yew tree
Drumany:- Drummany ridges, ridged land
Drumard:- high ridge or long hill
Drumatemple:- the ridge of the temple or church
Drumavaddy:- the ridge of the dog (madadh)
Drumballyroney:- the ridge of O’Roney’s town
Drumbane:- Drumbaun white ridge
Drumbarnet:- the ridge of the gap (bearna)
Drumbo:- Drumboe, Druimbo the cow’s ridge
Drumbrughas:- the ridge of the farm-house
Drumcanon:- the ridge of the white-faced cow: ceann­fhionn [canon], whitehead
Drumcar:- Druim-caradh [Drumcara] in Louth the ridge of the weir
Drumcliff:- Drium-chliabh [Drumcleev] in Sligo; the ridge of the baskets
Drumcolumb:- St. Columba’s ridge
Drumcondra:- Conra’s ridge
Drumcrin:- the ridge of the tree (crann)
Drumcrow:- the ridge of the cattle sheds (cro)
Drumcullen:- Drumcullion the ridge of holly

Druim Related Place Names of Wales

Drym:- Llanunda,Wales - - Proprieter Sparks Martin 1786

Druim Related Place Names of England

Druim Related Place Names Global

Drimmie Creek
             in the Upper Arrows Lakes draw down zone,
             British Columbia, Canada George Robert Drimmie

Drimmie Head and Drimmie Rock,
              Gove Peninsula, Arnhem Land
             North West Territories AustraliaFlinders Diarys

Drummie's Bridge Reserve
             City of Monash Australia John Drummie

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