Sir Ormond Drimmie Malcolm

The Drimmie part of Ormond Drimmie Malcolm's name has been
a niggle in my head for a long time now.
Around 2003 my peripatetic web based wanderings first brought him to my attention,
found loads of info on him over the intervening years
but never anthing about Drimmie associated with Malcolm.
Then I found Ann Carmel and with her help it all fell into place,
so a big thank you to Ann.

From entry in Debrett
Sir Ormond Drimmie Malcolm,Knt.Cr. 1898
Son of the late J T Malcolm RN of Nassau,
by Mary, dau, of the late John Drimmie of Montrose, Scotland
b. 1839; m. 1863 Anna, dau, of the late W R B Sands, of Nassau.
Called to the bar at Nassau 1861, became Q.C. 1876;
was Attorney-Gen of Bahamas 1882 – 97,
and Speaker of the House of Assembly 1868 – 97;
appointed Chief Justice 1897.
----Nassau, Bahamas

John Thomas Malcolm RN married Mary Drimmie 11 May 1836
at St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Nassau.From research by Ann Carmel
In his early days, Ormond's father John T Malcolm,
was an Assistant Paymaster in the Royal Navy,
going on to become Postmaster at Belize.

John Drimmie 1779 second child of Thomas Drimmie and Ann Rae
was born at Montrose where his father was a weaver at North links there.
Thomas is buried in Montrose Old Parish churchyard on the left as you enter
about the third or fourth stone from the gate.
His son John died 1810 in Nassau Bahamas.
I have note of John Drimmie of Nassau, cabinet maker, deceased by 1822,
he appears in returns of slave owners 1814-34.
He owned 1 slave a female named Venus her age when he died about 18.
William Chisholm shopkeeper of the Island of New Providence
was administrator of John's estate and makes the returns 1822, 1825 and 1828.

Return of Slaves 1814-1834

John's death notice appears in the,
Royal Gazette and Bahama Advertiser 23 May 1810,
on Sunday morning, in the Eastern District, Mr John Drimmil,
cabinet maker, a native of Montrose, Scotland..
he has left a wife and two small children.”From research by Ann Carmel

Then just two years later his wife Sarah also dies,
The Bahama Gazette 21 June 1812, “Died.
On Sunday last, in the 26th year of her age, Mrs Sarah Drimmie,
relict of the late John Drimmie..
has left behind her a family of young children,
and numerous relatives and friends.From research by Ann Carmel

John Drimmie's wife Sarah died at age 26 in 1812 which would make
her birth around 1786. This is the only loose end we have to tie up
before I can draw a line under this chapter.
From the return of slaves 1814-34 we learn that William Chisholm
is administrator of John's estate, perhaps he is Sarah's father
grandfather of Ormond's wife Mary. He is still making returns of slaves
as administrator for John's estate in 1828 18 years after John's death.
That might make sense if he was looking after the affairs of John and Sarah's children.

Items of interest:-
William CHISHOLM Farmer and merchant, settled Pittenweem, Virginia 1754,
Loyalist, settled Bahamas 1779.
Could be our William Chisholm.

Alexander Drimmie born 1777 in Montrose John's elder brother has a chapter to himself.....
you will find it here..............
Alexander Drimmie 1777 - 1852

John's sister Ann Drimmie born 1786
married James Malcolm in St Vigeans Angus 22nd June 1810.

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