One Pictish Celtic Family

"Non Nobis Solum Nati Sumas"
We are not born for ourselves alone
My thoughts are with the dead, with them
I live in long passed years;
Their virtues love; their faults condemn,
Partake their hopes and fears;
And from their lessons seek and find
Instruction with a humble mind (Southey.)

They shall not wholly die. Some part,
Nor that a little, shall
Escape the dark destroyer's dart
And his grim festival. (Horace.)

From Munster, Angus and Kincardine to the Antipodes
The ancestoral links of the Drimmie or Drummie Family

Begin at the beginning is a common saying
but it is often difficult to discover the beginning.

The eternal questions, "who are we"?
"where do we come from"? "where are we going"?
pose three areas of our being which have
puzzled the human race probably since its inception.
Here in this account we will leave to the philosopher
these questions and concentrate on
establishing the facts to the best of our ability.

For as the guid Scots saying goes,
"facts are chiels that win'a ding",
and this being so we might yet;
"save from what traditions glean,
or age remembers or ourselves have seen;
the scattered relics care can yet collect,
and fix such shadows as these lines reflect."

"Who has not some treasured letters,
Fragments choice of other's lives,
Relics, some of friends departed
Friends whose memory still survives?
Touched by neither time nor distance
Will those words unspoken last,
Voice less whispers of the present,
Silent echoes of the past?".

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