Family Distribution in the North East Lowlands

Map 2 shows the distribution of family members over the period 1309 to 1809
with a time line of original spellings of our surname.
It will be noted that the distribution holds to a clearly defined area;
Aberdeen is the most northerly distribution point down to Dundee which is the most southerly.
A line taken from Kirriemuir to Strachan
would give you a corridor running north, which would not be more than fifteen miles wide,
before your toes would be splashing in the north sea.
The major concentration of families would, then be,
contained in a block, thirty miles long by fifteen wide.

You will have noted St Andrews, Perth and Dunkeld
but they only come into the equation
by virtue of the mentions in 1462, 1546 and 1592.
All three have effectively strayed out of the major family area;
other strays will be noted as I get round to them.

Aberdeen town I would have expected to have thrown up a lot more than it has
although John Drimmy 1325 "Sheriff of Aberdeen (?)" deserves more investigation.
1652 Old Machar "Drumbe", then nothing till the 1761 marriage of Alexander Drimmie,
he is having children there untill 1771
John Dreime, taylor, in Aberdeen, noted 1767.

Maryculter has no births or marriage events of interest for us,
its claim to inclusion rests with the 1649 will of Alexander Drimie in which he requests that
his body be "honestly buried in the kirk yaird of Mary Coulter".
The will gives us no other clue as to where he actually lived
except that debts owing to him were by people in the area of Mary Coulter;
Monqueith, Elsick, Whytsyd, are all still place names there.

The main contender for the heartland of Drimmie occupation during this period
comprises the Howe of the Mearns; Fettercairn, Aberluthnot (Marykirk),
Edzell, St Cyrus and Laurencekirk, with Montrose not quite within the Howe
but part of the heartland none the less.

This is quite a tight knit grouping starting with
1594 the testament of Katherine Drymie in Balmanock, Aberluthnot;
naming her son James Drymmie and niece Geillis Drymmie;
also mentioning her brother John Drymmie in Arnehall, Fettercairn.
1594, the next testament, is of Katherine's husband David Falconer in Balmanot, Aberluthnot;
naming George Drymmie in Nether Balmakellie and Agnes Drymmie niece to Katherine.
1600 testament of Bessie Drymie in Balmakewan, Aberluthnot naming William Drymie her husband;
George Drymmie brother of William and Agnes Drymmie her servant.
1605 Jonet Jamie's testament tells us she is in Inshe, Fettercairn; (Inshe is part of Arnhall)
naming her husband James Drymmie; with William, John and Elspet Drymmie children of James.
1618 testament of Christian Drymmie in Boginwid, Fettercairn
we learn of her husband David Drymmie, Margaret Drymmie daughter
and Maret Drymmie daughter to David's first wife.
1619 the testament of Jonat Jamy in the Inche Fettercairn, Jon Drymmie husband, Jon Drymmie son (minor);
William, Jonatt, Issobell Drymmie children to first wife Catherine Grub;
Jonatt Drymmie in the Inche, James Drymmie in the Inche.
1620 testament of Alexander Drymmie Stracathrow.
1621 testament of Grizzell Stewart in Inche Fettercairn;
James Drymmie husband, Alexander Drymmie son (minor);
Jon Drymie in the Inche, Charles Drymmie in the Inche.

1612 and the Old Parish Records start to throw names at us
birth and marriage events being recorded firstly Brechin 1612.
Without detailing them all here; Edzell, Fettercairn, Marykirk, Laurencekirk,
Fordoun, St Cyrus and Montrose parishes;
all recording Drimmie family events
and establishing this small area as the hot bed of Drimmie regeneration for a full 200 years.

Not forgetting of course, the many mentions in the OPR's as we move south into Angus
for Brechin, Dun, Aberlemno, Rescobie, St Vigeans, Arbroath, Kirriemuir, Forfar, Monikie and Dundee.
Some of the Angus events can be linked to the hotbed area of the Howe
but are totally overshadowed by it in this period.

So, from our solo 1309 John Drimy in Forfar,
to the fair number who by 1809 have been noted, across Angus and Kincardine,
we can say that, without a doubt, we have five hundred years of continuous, North East Lowland, domicile.

500 year distribution map of Drimmie / Drummie Family 1309 to 1809

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