Papal Pieces

Philip Drym
In Calendar of Petitions to the Pope 1342 - 1490
The same on behalf of Master Philip Drym,skilled in the law,
for a like provision in the Church of Wells,
notwithstanding that he has the Church of Knyghtwyk in the Diocese of Worcester.
Phillip Drym, rector of Knightwick in the Diocese of Worcester
and John de Charnes, rector of Coddington in that of Lichfield
Whereas they resigned their Churches in order to exchange them,
they pray for Papal provision for the same.
(Granted Villeneuve by Avignon 11 Kal. Aug.)

In Calendar of Papal letters to Scotland 1342 - 1362
Phillip Drym skilled in the law reservation of a benifice
value 40 marks with cure of souls or 30 without
in the gift of the Bishop, Prior and Chapter of Worcester
Kniytewyk in the same diocese
value 5 L and 1 mark is to be resygned.
Concurrent mandate to the Bishop of Hereford and two others.

In Calendar of Petitions to the Pope 1342 - 1490
John of Drum
1366 John of Drum scholar of cannon law and official of the Bishop of Brechin.
For the church of Kinnef in the diocese of St Andrews value 40 merks,
void by reason that William of Grenlaw has held it
together with the deanery of Glasgow and the Archdeaconry of St Andrews,
not withstanding that John has the perpetual vicarage of Punbride (Panbride)
in the diocese of Brechin which he is ready to resign.
Granted Avignon.

1372 John of Drum, witness to Apostolic Declaration.
John of Drum had his church or dwelling on the farm of West Drums on the estate of Aldbar.
East and West Drums on the estate of Aldbar in the Parish of Maryton
were formerly the lands of Drimmies
and in 1565 in a precept of sasine of charter the lands of Drymme or Drum in the parish of Maryton
were granted in favour of George Wishart of Wester Dodd in the parish of Forfar.

In Calendar of Papal letters to Scotland
1378 John of Drwm cannon of Brechin.
1397 John of Drom resigns cannonry of Brechin

1406 Nicholas Child licentiate of arts
for the church of Panbryde in the diocese of Brechin value 20/-
void by the death of John of Drum who held it for a year and a half
or that of Henrey Stely who when rector of Caterlyn, in the same diocese
obtained it without papal dispensation on John's death.
Granted Savona